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analisi e valutazione delle risorse umane


The analysis and evaluation of human resources is an hard work. It has to be carefully planned and aptly watched; using perseverance, perceive and the proper tools.
To choose right persons for the right job means that you are able to find people that have right aptitudes and needed motivations to complete a work.
This is a big challenge that Manage Consulting is always ready to take; we know that we can win this challenge and help people to face it with the same confidence and ease.
Manage Consulting propose three different tests for human resources analysis:


  • AST TEST for selection and evaluation of human resources: this test provide an advanced analysis about potential and aptitudes. It allow to find talents that make a difference in your business.
  • HST TEST for business climate analysis: it describes the real performance, motivation and engagement of colleagues in the business; in this way you can understand which area needs to be improved. This test is used only for internal personnel and not for personnel who has to be employed. HST and AST test used together, represent the basis of DNA System (Development Needs Analysis) to improve Human Resources.
  • SST TEST for analysis of sales agents performances: this test is used to evaluate the improvements that can help the sellers to gain and reinforce their technical skills. It’s used to create a solid basis to develop an effective strategy to guide sellers in their job. It can also be used to select the sellers; in this case we suggest to use also the AST test to have a general evaluation of the real potential of the person.
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